FIGHTING ? PRESERVE ? SAVE ? Environment and Biodiversity Initiative

Butterfly Commitment

This commitment involves not mowing the lawn

in part of the garden,

in order to leave a natural area: a free zone*.

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The benefits :

Combating heat and drought
Preserves biodiversity
Saves energy


Tall grass, mown grass, soil.

The more biodiversity you have in your garden, the less 'vermin' you have, because you'll attract a whole host of species that will come and eat the pests.

Éric Lenoir

Not mowing your lawn is also a way of saving thermal or electrical energy.

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* A free one, if never mowed, will quickly become a coppice, then a woodland, which will be less suitable for butterflies.

Management options available :

1. Manage this area as a meadow (and thus prevent the growth of woody vegetation).

2. Leave to evolve freely, which will inexorably lead to afforestation.

3. Opt for a mixed option.

❗ Be careful to respect the obligation to clear undergrowth.

✨ Statistics on the initiative

Commitments ranking :

🥇 Marion

🥈 Elisabeth

🥉 Valérie

Total square meters of commitment :

🌱 35831 m²

on free zone

Ratio of garden area / commitment :

⚡ 50 %

on free zone

Declare your commitment :

Declare your commitment

Example: I have a 50 m2 garden, and I agree to leave 5 m2 of my garden in free zone.

Your commitment is useful from the 1st m², the effects being exponential with the increase in the surface area and diversity of the environments.